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Radiation Oncologist

Leverage Diagnostic Imaging in Treatment Planning

Leverage Diagnostic Imaging in Treatment Planning

Contouring and required pre-planning tasks, such as image and prior dose registration, are often the most challenging and time-consuming for clinicians. MIM Premier™ orchestrates the MIM Maestro® Department Solution into a comprehensive and automated clinical workflow for pre-planning.

Stop Relying on Systems that Treat your Hardest Work as an Afterthought

Plan calculation and optimization have gotten more automated over time. However, important pre-planning tasks are often neglected.

Reduce Uncertainties

Radiation Oncologists have myriad uncertainties that must be balanced in order to deliver safe and effective treatments. Flexible automation, combined with industry-leading imaging and contouring tools, allow you to standardize your segmentation process, incorporate more data, and reduce the uncertainties you face.

Improve Contour Quality

By incorporating all of the imaging data available to you and having QA built into your clinical workflow, you can be confident in your contour quality.

Faster SIM to Treatment Planning Time

By reducing the number of manual tasks and standardizing the registration steps within the contouring process, clinics can shorten the time from a patient’s initial scan to treatment. This automated process also ensures that work is preserved and smoothly transferred between clinicians.

MIM Premier™

Streamline your Pre-Planning Workflow

MIM Premier is a powerful and automated pre-planning clinical workflow included with the MIM Maestro Department Solution. 

  • Identifies and processes incoming cases with customizable workflows
  • Auto-saves sessions to hand-off work seamlessly between clinicians
  • Allows for time to be focused on qualitative planning decisions
  • Flexible and designed to handle the varying treatments your clinic delivers

Streamline your Pre-Planning Workflow with MIM Premier™

Additional Resources

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logo talkOur Customers’ Experiences

Hear from a few of our customers about how MIM addresses these complex steps throughout the pre-planning process.

Multi-Modality Fusion

Giuseppe Sasso of Auckland City Hospital and Zuofeng Li of the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute discuss the various benefits that MIM’s multi-modality fusion provides in their workflows – including both increased efficiency and confidence in the treatment plan.

Target Volume Contouring

Giuseppe Sasso and Zuofeng Li describe their experiences using MIM's TV contouring tools. In both of their departments, MIM has provided uniquely efficient tools for one of the most time-consuming steps in the contouring process.


Benjamin Sintay of Cone Health and Giuseppe Sasso explain the benefits of MIM automation in their clinics. They share the ongoing improvements in patient care that automated processes provide and how MIM positions their staff to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on plan quality assessment.

Clinical Process Improvement

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Siddhartha Baxi and Clinical Operations Specialist Ian Quin of GenesisCare Australia describe the center’s use of MIM, the efficiency gains they have seen since the implementation, and the staff response.


Contour ProtégéAI™

Auto-Contouring is Integral to Your Entire
Pre-Planning Clinical Workflow

Contouring is one of the most time-consuming steps in the treatment planning process. Contour ProtégéAI was developed to significantly reduce the clinical burden of contouring in Radiation Oncology departments.

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