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Supporting Y90 Therapies in IR

The End of Not Knowing

Evolving Dosimetry Software for your Practice

There are many known limitations to current dosimetry approaches that prevent you from understanding treatment efficacy. Time is short, and more information is needed to make better care decisions. Take your practice from assumptions and spreadsheets to 3D dose and confidence in results.

What Dose Did Your Patients Receive?

What is Preventing You from Knowing?

Inadequate Information and Model Limitations

Current options, such as BSA, MIRD, and partition models do not correlate to actual dose delivery.

  • Using BSA, 86% of patients did not receive the target tumor dose of > 120 Gy in a recent Journal of Nuclear Medicine study.1
  • The partition model overestimates the normal liver doses by 2x, according to an International Journal of Radiation Oncology study.2
  • In that same study, it was determined that MIRD Single Compartment was unable to predict tumor dose for any subset of tumor types and sizes compared to voxel-based dosimetry.2

Subsequent Treatments are Limited

Lack of confidence and knowledge of Y90 treatments limits oncologists' subsequent treatment options.

Question“Should we do a follow-up Y90 if there was inadequate dose delivery?”

Question“Should we do a follow-up external beam for better coverage?”

SurePlan™ LiverY90

MIM SurePlan™ LiverY90

A Comprehensive Solution for Y90

MIM SurePlan LiverY90 provides timesaving tools for liver and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and post-treatment dosimetry using Y90-PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT.

Know Your Dose the Day of Treatment

Patient-specific dosimetry overcomes the uncertainty that the existing planning methods do not correlate with the actual dose delivered

Empower Your Oncologists

With patient-specific dosimetry, referrers have increased confidence that Y90 is a more legitimate treatment option. Make the best treatment path available to your patient by opening up subsequent treatment options using the knowledge gained.

Timesaving Tools

MIM SurePlan LiverY90 is specifically engineered for Y90, making efficiency a top priority. A recent study3 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine demonstrated a 70% reduction in time compared to manual outlining of the liver.

Post-Op Dosimetry

Calculate dose using Y90-PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT. Calculate isodose curves/DVH on PET/SPECT using Local Disposition Method or MIRD Kernal.

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