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Contour ProtégéAI™*

Expect More from Auto-Contouring

Accuracy and time savings are prerequisites for deep learning AI techniques. Contour ProtégéAI is a truly impactful auto-contouring solution that also addresses your clinical workflow bottlenecks and allows for seamless collaboration.

*Contour ProtégéAI may not be available in all countries. Please speak with your MIM Software representative to see if Contour ProtégéAI is available in your region.

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Contour ProtégéAI

Next-Generation Deep Learning Segmentation

Ready to Use

  • Quick to deploy, either locally or through the cloud

  • Trained and ready to go — no need to submit institution-specific contours to get started

  • Vendor-neutral to fit your process

  • Validated and tested at leading institutions

True Zero-Click Auto-Contouring

  • Auto-contouring begins as soon as the patient is simulated

  • Contours are waiting for you when and where you need them

  • AAPM TG-263 or custom contour labels applied

Eclipse™ Integration

  • Integration tested and validated

  • No import/export of contours necessary

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Contour ProtégéAI allows me to spend more time on the treatment planning process. Taking the contouring time out of that process allows me to spend more time generating a higher quality plan for our patients.”

Brad Pollard

Medical Physicist and Dosimetrist

Austin Center for Radiation Oncology

Austin, TX

  Download the Case Study  <>
Contour ProtégéAI™ from MIM Software

Available Structures for Organ Contouring

Head & Neck CT

  • Bone Mandible
  • Brachial Plex L
  • Brachial Plex R
  • Brain
  • Brainstem
  • Cavity Oral
  • Eye L
  • Eye R
  • Gland Submand L
  • Gland Submand R
  • Gland Thyroid
  • Lens L
  • Lens R
  • Lips
  • Optic Chiasm
  • Optic Nerve L
  • Optic Nerve R
  • Parotid L
  • Parotid R
  • Spinal Cord

Prostate CT

  • Spinal Cord
  • Kidney L
  • Kidney R
  • Liver
  • Bladder
  • Femur L
  • Femur R
  • Penile Bulb
  • Prostate
  • Rectum
  • Seminal Vesicle

Prostate MR

  • Prostate
  • Urethra
  • Seminal Vesicle

Thorax CT

  • Carina
  • Esophagus
  • Heart
  • Larynx
  • Lung L
  • Lung R
  • Kidney L
  • Kidney R
  • Spinal Cord
  • Trachea

Abdomen CT

  • Bladder
  • Kidney L
  • Kidney R
  • Liver
  • Spinal Cord

Lungs & Liver CT

  • Liver
  • Lung L
  • Lung R

Case Study

Implementation Benefits in a Clinical Setting

Dr. Richard Garza and Brad Pollard from the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology in Austin, Texas describe the benefits the center has seen since the implementation of Contour ProtégéAI.

Contouring Time Savings*

The Austin Center for Radiation Oncology Reported Significant Time Savings with Contour ProtégéAI for Prostate Cases



Minutes Saved
Per Patient

Dosimetrist saves 15 minutes per patient on prostate OAR contouring tasks.

*Based on average of 10 patients per week


Hours Saved
Per Month

Radiation Oncology


Minutes Saved
Per Patient

Radiation Oncologist saves 10 minutes per patient on prostate target volume contouring.

*Based on average of 10 patients per week


Hours Saved
Per Month
  Download the Case Study  <>

Think Beyond AI Auto-Contouring

Auto-Contouring is Integral to Your Entire Clinical Workflow

Contour ProtégéAI is an essential part of a holistic solution designed to automate and standardize every step of your pre-planning workflow – from simulation to treatment planning. MIM Premier® provides flexible automation throughout the pre-planning steps, allowing your clinic to spend more time on qualitative planning decisions.
MIM Premier incorporates MIM Contour ProtégéAI within the pathway

Seamless Departmental Collaboration

  • Delivers contours in a session customized to your preference for review and completion
  • Facilitates a clean handoff to physicians, including time-saving tools for target volume segmentation

Contouring Standardization

  • Contouring sessions include contour label templates customized to match your naming conventions
  • Automated contour QA protocols to ensure consistent quality of contours

Learn more about how Contour ProtégéAI fits into MIM Software's pre-planning  workflow solution, MIM Premier.  <https://go.mimsoftware.com/en/mim-premier>

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Get more information on Contour ProtégéAI auto-contouring.

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