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Contour ProtégéAI™

Expect More from Auto-Contouring

Expect More from Auto-Contouring

Contouring continues to be a time-consuming process – by utilizing next-generation deep learning algorithms, clinicians can standardize and expedite the pre-planning workflow.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Free-Up Time in your Pre-Planning Workflow without Sacrificing Accuracy

Contour ProtégéAI is a clinically practical auto-contouring solution that uses deep learning algorithms to generate accurate initial results that require minimal editing.

Contour ProtégéAI™ - Increase Workflow Efficiency Free up Time in your Pre-planning Workflow without Sacrificing Accuracy

Contour ProtégéAI

Consider the Impact of Automated Contouring from MIM Software

Contour ProtégéAI seamlessly integrates into any department's workflow and can be rapidly implemented into virtually any environment.

Next-Generation Deep Learning Algorithms

Contour ProtégéAI pushes beyond the limits of atlas contouring with MIM’s state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms.

No Hardware Requirements

Contour ProtégéAI’s cloud-based deployment means that clinical implementation is quick and easy. Cloud-computing power is in reach on nearly any workstation.

Secure, Encrypted Data

Contour ProtégéAI is deployed using MIMcloud®, a secure, internet-based medical image service that provides an easily accessible resource for storing, sharing, and viewing your data.

Quotation Mark Red


MIM does a very accurate job of drawing the prostate and the normal structures...and then with MIM's fusion products, I can then overlay that CT scan with an MRI, and then double check the two to make sure that the prostate on the MRI is contained with what we thought was on the CT scan.”

Dr. Richard Garza | Radiation Oncologist
Austin Center for Radiation Oncology
Austin, TX

Contour ProtégéAI Profile
Austin Center for Radiation Oncology
Austin, Texas

Contour ProtégéAI in a Clinical Setting

Dr. Richard Garza and Brad Pollard from the Austin Center for Radiation Oncology in Austin, Texas share the benefits the center has seen since the implementation of Contour ProtégéAI.

MIM Premier™

Auto-Contouring is Integral to your Entire Clinical Workflow

Contour ProtégéAI is an essential part of a holistic solution designed to automate and standardize every step of your pre-planning workflow – from simulation to treatment planning. MIM Premier provides flexible automation throughout the pre-planning steps, allowing your clinic to spend more time on qualitative planning decisions.

Additional Resources

Download additional information and attend the webinar to learn more about Contour ProtégéAI.

Discover how you Can Achieve More Efficient Contouring

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