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Radiopharmaceutical Therapies: a Partnership Between NM and RO Departments?

Is your Plan Second Check Solution in Line with the Latest AAPM Recommendations?

TG-219 Compliant Monte Carlo solutions are here.

2022 saw many radiation oncology software vendors introduce 3D second check solutions, with Monte Carlo...

2 minute read

Offline Radiation Therapy Best Practices

With the proliferation of complex plans comes the need for enhanced plan QA in radiation oncology. Over the course of treatment, the patient’s internal...

1 minute read

How to Prepare for Monte Carlo in your Clinic

Given the findings of TG-219 (which we discuss in this blog), it is clear that a robust system for plan second check and per-fraction QA is essential to...

2 minute read

Practical Dosimetry and the Future of Molecular Radiotherapies

You and your patients can achieve personalized and accurate dosimetry for Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT), also known as Radiopharmaceutical Therapy. All you...

3 minute read

3 Things to Do When Implementing a Cloud Solution

Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly common in multiple industries. In the medical field, cloud computing has opened the doors for physicians...

1 minute read