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MIM Zero Footprint™

Don’t Compromise on your Remote Contouring Connection

A fast, reliable, and effective contouring experience has always been a challenge for clinicians that need or want to work remotely. Hospital solutions, such as VPN and local hosting, introduce additional complications ranging from a lack of security to less-than-stellar performance. Now that working remotely is likely here to stay, what does your process look like?

Remote Imaging Access Made Easy

MIM Software understands the challenges clinicians face when working remotely. Learn from Adam Neff, a senior employee with direct implementation experience for both large scale academic institutions and private practice groups, as he describes the tools we have developed to provide remote access to all of the MIM products you use in the clinic – securely and safely.

MIM Zero Footprint™. Full-Access to MIM. Anywhere.

MIM Zero Footprint™

Full-Access to MIM. Anywhere.

Securely access all MIM products with the same licensed features you use in the clinic anywhere you have internet access.

Unlike other products that often fail risk reviews, MIM takes a zero-knowledge approach to customer data. MIM does not have backdoor or admin access that allows us to see patient data from any customer. Everything remains uniquely encrypted – and you control which of your users can access what types of data. Additionally, any work you do at home is identically mirrored to your systems in the clinic.

Encrypted patient data
Work from home is mirrored to the clinic
MIMcloud®: Store, Share, and View - Access your Data, Anytime


Store, Share, and View

Access your Data, Anytime

MIMcloud is a secure, internet-based medical image service that provides an easily accessible resource for storing, sharing, and viewing your data. 

MIMcloud compatibility is built into every MIM 6 and later workstation or through an encrypted browser-based solution, allowing you to view and manage studies, push and pull images, and easily share studies with others inside or outside your institution.

Enhance teleradiology and multi-institution reading operations
Use MIMcloud as a secure, long-term, off-site storage backup
Data mirroring for seamless integration between on-site PACS and MIMcloud off-site storage

Additional Resources

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See how Easy Remote Contouring can Be

MIM Harmony™

What Should Peer Review Really Accomplish?

From chart rounds to physician contouring meetings, does your peer review process align with your quality assurance goals?

Rethink your Peer Review Process 

Contour ProtégéAI™

Expect More from Auto-Contouring

Consider how deep learning algorithms can improve your pre-planning process.

Achieve More Efficient Contouring

MIM Premier™

Success Begins Before Treatment Planning

Your pre-planning workflow involves many tasks and clinicians. Are you doing everything you can to set yourself up for a quality treatment plan?

Streamline my Pre-Planning Workflow 

MIM Zero Footprint™

Remote Contouring Realized

A reliable remote connection is more important now than ever. Is working remotely working for you?

Improve your Remote Contouring 

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