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How Can AI Auto-Contouring Improve Plan Quality?

Video Summary

Contouring with more consistent initial results that match your clinical guidelines positively impacts quality and standardization in treatment pre-planning.

Contours vary, even from experts

Variability in Expert Contouring

During a MIM Software contouring workshop, 29 experienced dosimetrists drew contours on a brachial plexus structure, resulting in a wide range of variability.

This inconsistency in hand-drawn contours is common. 

This inconsistency in hand-drawn contours is not uncommon
Standardization in MIM

Standardization is Possible

Contouring consistency is possible with AI auto-contouring, which allows all dosimetrists to begin with a baseline that's aligned with clinical guidelines. 

AI auto-contouring in tools such as Contour ProtégéAI® offers significant improvements in consistency, quality, and time savings in cases of varying complexity. Contour ProtégéAI is clinically implemented in hospitals worldwide and is available now.

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