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At MIM Software, we aim to provide content to ensure our customers are fully optimizing their use of our products. Please check back soon for upcoming webinars.

Clinical Dosimetry Made Practical

January 28 @ 10:00 a.m. ET

Join us for a discussion on the clinical importance of patient-specific, voxel-based dosimetry for Molecular Radiotherapy and how MIM SurePlan™ MRT is advancing clinical dosimetry through automation and standardization.


Deep Learning Auto-Contouring

Auto-contouring is an ideal use case for deep learning algorithms because it is one of the most time-consuming clinical tasks. Contour ProtégéAI™ pushes the capabilities of auto-contouring forward. Deep learning algorithms optimized and automated by MIM make contouring more efficient without sacrificing accuracy.


Automated Contour QA

Contour accuracy is critical when determining a patient’s treatment plan and delivery. If errors are left undetected, it could result in mistreatment.

This session will discuss how MIM Premier™ provides structured and automated contour QA for high-quality contours.


Pitfalls of Inconsistent Peer Review

Protocol compliance plays an important role in plan quality and outcomes. Peer review has proven to have a substantial impact on adherence to these protocols and thus, overall patient care.

This session will review MIM Harmony™, our peer review and analytics platform, and how it will set you up for success prior to the review, help drive an efficient and focused review process, and ensure structured data is captured that will inform future practice improvements.



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