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Automate Nuclear Medicine with Flexible Standardization

Automate Nuclear Medicine with Flexible Standardization

Prime your Nuclear Medicine Department for Efficiency

Technologists in Nuclear Medicine play a key role in patient care, and they need practical solutions to help save time while maintaining a high level of patient care. As patient volumes rise, how will you handle the demand? Consider how standardizing your image processing workflow will enable you to resolve the tradeoff between efficiency and care.

Image Processing Solutions Developed with Technologists in Mind

From Reconstruction to Reporting – and Everything in Between

Most Nuclear Medicine departments are lagging behind clinical peers to capture the efficiency gains promised by recent technological advances. OEM solutions rely on expensive hardware solutions and disparate software packages that are a burden on technologists to learn and don’t provide the flexibility needed when new studies are implemented into clinical practice.

Lack of Standardization

Technologists need a flexible platform for image processing that’s user-friendly and easy to standardize.


Limited Innovation

OEM solutions don’t take advantage of the latest software advances and leave technologists struggling to take on new study types when presented.

Restricted Image Access

COVID-19 highlighted a need for greater access to image viewing and processing to maintain social distancing protocols. Technologists need a solution that allows them to maintain patient safety and process images from anywhere.

MIM Encore®

Advancing Nuclear Medicine

An end-to-end solution for Nuclear Medicine. MIM Encore provides a vendor-neutral solution for reconstruction, image processing, reading, and reporting. By providing a single application, efficiency gains can be seen throughout the Nuclear Medicine workflow.

Vendor Neutral

View and process Nuclear Medicine, SPECT, and SPECT/CT images from virtually any camera manufacturer.

Nuclear Medicine Processing

Comprehensive suite of standard and automated Nuclear Medicine processing tools, including lung quantification for SPECT/CT and liver functional analysis.


SPECTRA Recon™ supports SPECT/CT image reconstruction and CT attenuation, and SPECTRA Quant™ allows you to convert image counts to SUV.

Improved Speed and Consistency

Industry-leading, semi-automatic ,and automatic segmentation tools with streamlined workflows help users process cases faster than ever before.

Collaboration that Supports your Physicians

Studies are auto-processed and work is saved in a MIM session. Technologists and physicians can launch a session and pick up their work where they left off.

Unprecedented Image Access

Images can be accessed as a thin-client, using floating licenses, or through a PACS plug-in. Patient data can be stored securely on the internet, and accessed from anywhere from a workstation using MIM Zero Footprint™.

Increase Efficiency with MIM

Dr. Landis Griffeth shares his experience with the implementation and evolving use of MIM Encore at American Radiology Associates and the efficiency and administrative benefits the center has seen since transitioning from the proprietary systems to MIM.

See how MIM can help you by Standardizing your Workflow

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