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Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine

Improve Patient Care with Better Collaboration

Improve Patient Care with Better Collaboration

Access to Treatment Information can Improve Confidence

Reporting for post-radiation treatment patients is made difficult without access to key information related to the treatment plan and treatment delivery. "Is the new area of uptake on the post-treatment PET/CT related to inflammation from the radiation, or is it recurrent disease?" Without a clear answer, this can leave you in an ambiguous reporting situation, or worse, a misinterpretation.

Overcome Cross-Departmental Hurdles

Better Patient Care Starts with Identifying Current Challenges

Departments are currently missing key information due to inconsistent, inefficient collaboration methods. The challenge for imaging interpreters is lack of real-time knowledge regarding the location and dose levels of prior therapeutic radiation and whether activity identified is within or outside the treatment fields.1

Information from RO and NM is Siloed

Information about the treatment the patient received could help your interpretation of the follow-up PET/CT, but this information is usually only available to the Radiation Oncologist.

Reports are Inconclusive

Without conclusive reports, more aggressive testing may be required – which puts patients at risk for undergoing unnecessary procedures and increases healthcare costs.

Workloads are Increasing

As patient volumes increase, the lack of quality and specificity in reporting will be a compounding problem if left unaddressed. How will you find the time to find patient information if it doesn’t exist in the PACS or EMR?

MIM Encore®

with MIM Assistant®

Improved Accuracy.
Improved Confidence.

MIM Encore provides industry-leading viewing and segmentation tools for PET/CT and allows users to seamlessly incorporate treatment plans into their viewing protocols. MIM Assistant, MIM's automation and data management software, ensures the plans are brought to the end user without disruption to the clinical workflow.

Integration of radiation treatment fields into the interpretation of follow-up PET examinations improves both accuracy and confidence.1

Pre-Fetched Treatment Plans

MIM Assistant will auto-fetch treatment plans from the radiation therapy storage or treatment planning system and store them in your patient list when they are ready to review.

Your Workflow isn't Disrupted

MIM Workflows™ automatically incorporates treatment field information into your typical reading workflow.

Increase Diagnostic Clarity

Increasing confidence and accuracy may lead to decreased rate of repeat imaging, thereby reducing health care costs and patient radiation dose.

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