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Oncologic PET

Imagine a New Reading Workflow

Maximize the Impact of Imaging with More Efficient Reading Solutions

As patient populations increase and shift to more elderly age groups, referring clinicians are actively seeking new ways to improve outcomes while reducing care costs. How can you maximize the information your imaging provides to help referrers make better treatment decisions? Consider how capturing additional quantitative information may help improve communication with referring clinicians and lead to better patient outcomes.

Quantitation is Needed to Predict Outcomes

SUVmax is a Useful Statistic, but it has Known Limitations

Many factors can influence SUVmax, such as its high dependence on noise, scan duration, and other acquisition parameters. These factors lead to poor reproducibility, and for this reason, you should be reluctant to rely solely on SUVmax for predicting outcomes. Quantitative metrics like metabolic tumor volume and total lesion glycolysis have demonstrated advantages over SUVmax alone1 and should be considered for inclusion in your reading workflow.

Referring Physicians Require Actionable Insights

Radiologists can't report effectively with ambiguous information. Extract crucial information beyond SUVmax alone to inform more confident treatment decisions.

Conventional Quantitative Metrics have Known Limitations

Due to the metric's known limitations2, you will experience situations where SUVmax cannot provide the information referring physicians require.

Time is of the Essence

Since no reimbursement options currently exist for capturing additional quantitative information, you will need a way to incorporate this information without spending any extra time.

MIM Encore®

An End-to-End Solution for Nuclear Medicine

MIM Encore provides a vendor-neutral solution for reconstruction, image processing, reading, and reporting. Increase efficiency for the Nuclear Medicine imaging workflow by implementing a single application.

PET Edge+ in MIM Encore®

Vendor Neutral

View and analyze PET and Nuclear Medicine images from virtually any camera manufacturer.

Increased Speed and Consistency

Custom reading workflows and image layouts are tailored to your preference. Link any number of studies automatically for easier comparison.

Advanced Therapy Response

LesionID® and PET Edge®+ allow you to provide referring physicians with the latest clinically-significant staging and therapy response information, such as SUVmean, SUV Peak, and Total Metabolic Tumor Volume.

SPECT and SPECT/CT Support

SPECTRA Recon® supports SPECT/CT image reconstruction and CT attenuation correction for virtually any camera manufacturer. SPECTRA Quant® allows you to convert image counts to SUV.

Nuclear Medicine Processing

MIM Encore provides a comprehensive suite of standard Nuclear Medicine processing tools, including lung quantification for SPECT/CT and liver functional analysis. Automated processing is available with MIM Assistant®.

Unprecedented Image Access

Images can be accessed as a thin-client using floating licenses, or through a PACS plug-in. Patient data can be stored securely on the internet and accessed from anywhere from a workstation using MIM Zero Footprint™.

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