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MIM Software Inc.

MIM Encore®

Automate Nuclear Medicine with Flexible Standardization

Automate Nuclear Medicine with Flexible Standardization

Prime Your Nuclear Medicine Department for Efficiency

Nuclear Medicine departments need practical solutions to help save time while maintaining a high level of patient care. As therapy volumes continue to rise, how will you handle the demand? Consider how standardizing your diagnostic workflow will enable you to hack the tradeoff between efficiency and care.


An End-to-End Nuclear Medicine Solution

From Reconstruction to Reporting – and Everything in Between

Most Nuclear Medicine departments are lagging behind clinical peers when it comes to capturing the efficiency gains promised by recent technological advances. OEM solutions rely on expensive hardware solutions, and disparate software packages that are often a burden on IT staff and cause unnecessary strain on budgets. It is becoming increasingly clear that changes are needed for Nuclear Medicine to continue to provide a high level of patient care.

Break Out of a Siloed NM Department

From image reconstruction to reporting, conventional Nuclear Medicine platforms are siloed and fail to meet the evolving needs of the department.


Advanced Quantitation

Current approaches to capturing quantitative information are too slow and fail to take advantage of the latest therapy response metrics.


Automation that Works for You

Manual attempts at image processing rely on approaches that introduce variability from user to user. Is it possible that standardizing image processing would allow you to automate your image processing and provide consistent results?

Increase Efficiency with MIM

Dr. Landis Griffeth shares his experience with the implementation and evolving use of MIM Encore at American Radiology Associates and the efficiency and administrative benefits the center has seen since transitioning from the proprietary systems to MIM.

MIM Encore®

Advancing Nuclear Medicine

An end-to-end solution for Nuclear Medicine, MIM Encore provides a vendor-neutral solution for reconstruction, image processing, reading, and reporting.


LesionID for Therapy Response

Workflow Management

SPECTRA Recon™ supports SPECT/CT image reconstruction and CT attenuation correction for virtually any camera manufacturer. SPECTRA Quant™ allows you to convert image counts to SUV.

Configurable workflows provide reliable and consistent clinical image processing from user to user.

Clinical Decision Empowerment

LesionID® and PET Edge+ allow you to provide referring physicians with the latest clinically-significant staging and therapy response information such as SUVmean, SUV Peak, and Total Metabolic Tumor Volume.

MIM Encore supports the practical clinical implementation of any user-specified therapy response criteria, including Deauville, Chesson, PERCIST, and RECIST.

Collaborate in real-time using MIM's Permalinks to provide hyperlink access to exams*.

*Requires MIM Zero Footprint™.

Elevate Productivity

Flexible software access options make it easier to turn around reports to referring physicians as quickly as possible.

Images are available anywhere with an internet connection using MIM Zero Footprint.

Complete automation of NM image processing with MIM Assistant™.