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Prioritizing Patients: MIM Software Joins UniteRT

Cleveland, Ohio—August 9, 2023—MIM Software Inc. has joined UniteRT, a global collaboration of leading Radiation Therapy (RT) technology providers. The goal: Prioritize patient needs by promoting interoperable RT solutions at every phase of care. Healthcare providers should be free to implement technology based on clinical capabilities, not based on brand.

UniteRT members are committed to ensuring that our solutions can work together seamlessly. When the healthcare leaders we serve aren’t limited to the ecosystem of a particular brand, they are free to focus on driving innovations and improvements for their practices and patients. 

“We’re excited to participate in this initiative that empowers commercial vendors and clinical providers alike. UniteRT membership aligns with MIM’s goal of providing robust interoperability to our customers, which enables high-quality, personalized patient care globally,” said Dave Gwin, Vice President of US Sales at MIM Software.

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About UniteRT

UniteRT is a collaboration of leading RT vendors that prioritize patient needs by promoting best-in-class, interoperable solutions at every phase of care. Members of UniteRT are committed to providing customers the flexibility of choice by working toward a vendor-agnostic ecosystem where customers can choose optimal solutions based on the merits of clinical capabilities while providing the benefits of flexibility, choice, innovation, and seamless integration. Members are aligned on the principles of open communication, open interfaces, and open communication. 

To learn more, visit unitert.org


Company Contact

Jim Janek - Marketing Director

Email: jjanek@mimsoftware.com
Phone: 440-212-4455

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