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Prostate Cancer and the MRI Directed Pathway

Urology and Radiology in Synergy

The diagnostic pathway for prostate cancer has evolved.

According to the PRECISION study, MRI + targeted biopsy on csPCa is superior to standard biopsy and resulted in a

46% improvement in detection of csPCa1,2

when compared to standard 12-core biopsy.

But the challenges are evolving too...

Existing nomenclature carries different meanings between Radiology and Urology departments. For example, right-mid medial on a radiologist's MRI may be dissimilar to right-mid medial on a urologist's ultrasound image during biopsy.

Tools that ensure effective communication between Radiology and Urology are critical to enhancing patient outcomes.

1 in 6 lesions are subject to misinterpretation.3


You are not wrong. It’s two different languages.

As a result of differences in patient positioning during MRI acquisition and biopsy, one in six lesions are reported in a different sector than they appear during US-guided biopsy.4 In fact, the average orientation difference between MRI and ultrasound biopsy is 12 degrees.5

Let BK Medical assist Radiology and Urology to optimize collaboration by allowing you to speak the same language utilizing Predictive Fusion

17% of lesions are localized in different sectors by Radiology and Urology.6

Group 3

Do more together.

Let MIM Software and BK Medical assist your Radiology and Urology departments to optimize collaboration by allowing you to speak the same language utilizing Predictive Fusion®.

bkFusion allows rapid reorientation of MR images to biopsy orientation for a quick and intuitive fusion biopsy. Contact your BK representative to learn more.

Fusion functionality powered by MIM Software MIM Software



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