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Rethink Peer Review

Rethink Peer Review

While departments strive to assure the quality of peer review processes, most rely on antiquated methods with limited scope to achieve their objectives.

How Confident Are You That Your Peer Review Process is Effective?

Many of the problems clinicians face, and some they may not be aware of, tie directly to the processes and systems in place for case preparation and review efforts.

45% of Problematic Plans Not Detected in Typical Peer Review*

45% of Problematic Plans Not Detected in Typical Peer Review

A recent study1 presented at ASTRO shows that problematic treatment plans often slip through typical chart rounds peer review.

How many errors slip through your peer review process?

Time Constraints and Compromises are Often Made*

Time Constraints and Compromises

Clinicians deal with time constraints and are forced to make compromises when preparing cases for peer review. Insufficient preparation exacerbates existing inefficiencies during the review process, leading to problematic plans not being detected.

Most Clinics Lack Standardized Documentation

Lack of Standardized Documentation

Many clinics struggle when documenting peer review results and are unable to capture structured data. Quality documentation is becoming increasingly important for both process improvement and practice accreditation, such as ASTRO APEx2.

MIM Harmony addresses these common problems within the process – delivering customizable workflows to standardize practices that improve plan quality and patient care.

MIM Harmony

A Platform with Purpose

Review More, Prepare Less

MIM Harmony addresses these common problems within the process – delivering customizable workflows to standardize practices that improve plan quality and patient care.

Automated Preparation

MIM Assistant®

Forget the days of having to spend an hour prepping cases for peer review. MIM Assistant will automatically prepare your cases to ensure a focused review with all necessary elements at your fingertips. Time saved on case prep can be better used for plan quality efforts.

Standardized Execution

Custom Worklists

Each meeting or individual review is guided by a disease site-specific worklist. Fully customizable to your institution’s needs, our robust yet simple-to-use interface will allow you to tailor each review to its intended audience.

Structured Feedback

Templated Questionnaires

Asking the right questions is the foundation for a high quality and standardized review. Our templated questionnaires are tailored to your clinical protocols and direct your attention to what is most important for each patient.

Practice Improvement

Data-Driven Insights

As your team completes each review, our robust data analytics platform compiles critical information and aggregates it over time. This enables your clinic to analyze and identify areas of quality improvements that would otherwise go undetected.

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