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Using AI Auto-Contours Effectively

Video Summary

Significant timesavings are possible with AI auto-contouring. However, there may be instances where contour edits are needed to adjust them to your liking. Any minor edits can be done quickly and efficiently using Contour CoPilot®, a tool unique to Contour ProtégéAI™.


Two Ways Contour CoPilot Can Be Helpful

Example 1

Lung: 2D Fill Tool + Contour CoPilot

With Contour ProtégéAI, a majority of the slices in the lung contour are accurate without manual work, saving significant contouring time.

lung contour - 1a
lung contour - 1b

In this example, however, a few slices at the bottom of the lung — represented here with the yellow contour — need to be adjusted.

The 2D Fill tool is used to correct the contour on one slice due to a steep drop-off in Hounsfield units.

2d fill

With Contour CoPilot, the corrected contour can be instantly deformed to the next slice with one click.

Contour CoPilot® Logo
contour copilot tool (1)

To complete the process, Contour CoPilot is used to correct any remaining adjacent contours.

Example 2

Liver: 2D Brush Tool + Contour CoPilot

liver contour - 1a

In this instance, an adjustment is necessary on separate sections of the liver contour.

To remedy this, the 2D Brush tool is used with Contour CoPilot to make a quick adjustment on a few slices.

liver contour - 3a -contour copilot

Tools for quick AI auto-contour refinement, such as Contour ProtégéAI™, make AI auto-contouring clinically useful with significant timesavings.

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